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Anise Hyssop

Light-green leaves with pink tinge and licorice-mint flavor

Basil: Genovese

Shiny green leaves, traditional basil flavor

Bok Choy

Mild bok choy flavor


Mild lettuce-like flavor, green heart-shaped leaves and pinkish stems


Medium green leaves and stems   Strong cilantro profile

Kale: Red Russian

Textured leaves with purple stems. Notably kale

Lemon Balm

Ruffled shiny green leaves. Distinct lemon flavor.

Mustard: Purple Mizuna

Deep color with mild mustard flavor

Mustard: Wasabina

Beautiful heavily-frilled and ruffled leaves. Slightly spicy and sweet flavor

Pea Shoot: Tendril

Grey-green pea shoots with tendrils

Radish: Purple Sango

Deep ruby coloring. Fresh spicy radish flavour, rich in antioxidants

Red Veined Sorrel

Bright-green leaves with contrasting dark maroon stems and veins

Shiso: Green

Green ruffled leaves. Mild licorice flavor

Sunflower: Black Oil

Classic sweet micro with sunflower profile. The sturdiest set leaves we sell


Spicy, nutty flavor

Basil: Lemon

Green leaves with spicy lemon flavor


Juicy leaves with a nice crunch and cucumber flavor


Finely textured leaves. Mild carrot flavor


Fancy, three-lobed leaves with peppery flavor

Kale: Toscano

Intricately lobed leaves with mild celery flavor

Mitsuba (Japanese Parsley)

Parsley flavor with nutty overtone

Mustard: Red Garnet

Mild spicy flavor. Dark maroon leaves with bright green true leaf


Spicy flavor. Large lobed leaves

Popcorn Shoots

Luscious bright yellow leaves. Sweet and crunchy

Radish: Daikon

Sturdy stem and leaf. Fresh spicy radish flavour

Rainbow Mix

4 oz. rainbow mix of assorted seasonal microgreens

Shiso: Red

Purple ruffled leaves. Mild licorice flavor

Toona Sinensis

Earthy, notes of mushroom, distinctive spicy kick

Arugula Wasabi

Delicate green leaves with bold wasabi flavor

Basil: Thai

Authentic Thai Basil flavor


Dark green leaves. Broccoli profile


Intricately lobed leaves with mild celery flavor


Narrow, green lead with pink vein

Kohlrabi: Purple

Mild flavor. Purple stems and dark green leaves with a purple tint

Mustard: Green Wave

Medium-green, curled leaves, sharp, spicy flavor

Mustard: Scarlet Frills

Serrated green and red leaves. Very spicy flavor

Pea Shoot: Dwarf Sugar

Delicate shoots with sweet crunchy pea flavor

Radish Mix

Daikon and Purple Sango Radish

Red Amaranth

Attractive fuschia stems and leaves

Rock Chive

Thin, flat leaves with delicate flavor


Aromatic, edible chrysanthemum green with serrated leaves