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Boston Microgreen Zoom Call Consulting

- Technical consulting, farm design and equipment sourcing

- Cultivation training and troubleshooting

- Operations and workflow development 

- Branding, pitching to clients and maintaining relationships

- Financial modeling for microgreens 

To set up an appointment please contact Oliver Homberg at and we will get back to you with the earliest available times. (Usually within the week).

Chat with our CEO, Oliver

 30 minutes - $60

Purchase pre-set materials

- Plans for BMG3000 watering rack and complete component list                                                .....$350

- Complete standard operating procedures (except grow recipes)                                                 .....$350

- Grow recipes & Financials                                                                                                                                   .....$500

Please contact Oliver Homberg at

Friends around the world:

Agrolabs (Bogotá, Colombia)

Microgreen Grow Kit Bogota Columbia

" Since the first time we visited the Boston Microgreens facility, we felt the good vibes from the BMG team. Due to this incredible energy between teams, we were able to build a solid relationship to the point that we started a consultancy process to understand the technical and commercial aspects of this business.

We received all the information and support within 3 months to establish our business with a consolidated channel with our customers. 

After one year of being in this business, we continue to work with Oliver and his team."

-Marco Osario, Agrolabs

Microgreen Grow Kit Agrolabs Marco Osario

Piedmont Microgreens (Piedmont, North Carolina)

Boston Microgreens Piedmont North Carolina
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