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Power greens. Power food.

What is a Microgreen?

Microgreens are essentially 'baby versions' of your favorite leafy greens! Microgreens are usually harvested 7-21 days after germination, when the plant's first leaves (cotyledon leaves) emerge. 

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How do they compare to Adult Greens?

Just like a seed contains a very high density of energy and minerals, microgreens contain a high concentration nutrients and flavor! 

An American chemical study looked at nutrient levels of 25 different microgreens and compared them to full-sized leafy vegetables and herbs. Nutrient levels in different microgreens varied, but they always had higher levels per gram of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A than mature crops.

Xiao, Z.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Aug. 22, 2012.


Another study at the University of Maryland in College Park showed that microgreens were four to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature counterparts.

For example, red cabbage microgreens had 40 times more vitamin E and six times more vitamin C than mature red cabbage. Cilantro microgreens had three times more beta-carotene than mature cilantro.

Qin Wang, PhD, assistant professor, University of Maryland, College Park.


We are still learning a lot about microgreens and their role as a highly nutritious food. What is clear now is that these tiny greens are delicious, easy to use and a fantastic way to add a healthy kick to your diet.

How do I use Microgreens?


There are many ways to eat microgreens, a few ideas include:


Pile them on your sandwiches, burritos and tacos

Add them to your smoothies and shakes

Juice them in a masticating juicer

Mixed them in with your grain bowls and other creations

As a side salad on literally any dish using the plates other flavors to dress them

As a fantastic garnish to add that special something to your plates

Dress them and eat them solo as a power salad (*Oliver's favorite way to eat them)

or just snack on them raw!


No matter how you consume them, microgreens are a great way to add some nutritional value to any meal! 

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