Nutritious salad mixes and powerfoods 

50+ varieties sustainably grown in the heart of Boston

Fully customizable and always dependable

Local, Fresh, Reliable

About Us

Welcome to BMG! 


We are a modern urban farm located in the heart of Boston.


We grow in a controlled environment, which allows us to give each of our Chefs a completely tailored and customizable grow to order experience. Tweak sizing, flavor and even color of certain varieties to get exactly the product you're looking for! We use state of the art equipment and grow clean. This means no pollution, no pesticides, and all renewable energy powering our farm. 


Chefs, you now have a personal farm at your fingertips.


We sell both cut clamshells and live trays. Delivery on Tuesday's and Friday's.

"Our mission is to provide Boston with the freshest, tastiest, and most beautiful microgeens possible and to foster our relationships within this community to serve it to the best of our ability."

Why choose us?

Quality First

Only the best seeds and soil. Grown to order and hand cut with love


Grow time, color, stem length. Live trays and cut greens. Custom blends

Clean and Conscious

Free of all pollution, pesticides and herbicides

Vertical and Sustainable

Grown with 100% renewable energy and 95% less water than a traditional farm


100% of cut greens delivered within 1hr

Giving Back

2% profit to charity & community soil building programs

Oliver and the team at Boston Microgreens have been growing the best, most delicious, full flavor micros I have ever worked with in my career. Since starting to work with them at O Ya they have accepted every request of specific varieties of micros that I have asked from them, not only producing them but going above and beyond my expectations!

Nathan Gould

Executive Chef, O Ya


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